Done WITH You Summit Service

Hire our Summit Super Squad


  • Summit Site Build Out inside of EventRaptor ($1,997)

  • Summit Pages Built Out (3 Edit Requests) ($2,997 Value)
    ● Registration Page

    ● Sales Page

    ● Thank You Page

  • Offer Set Up inside of EventRaptor ($1,997 Value)

  • Summit Review (to ensure your summit is ready to rock) ($997 Value)

  • 1:1 Personal (Kick Off) Strategy Session with a Summit Expert ($1,997)

  • Virtual Summit Training Program ($1,997 Value)

    On demand training program giving you all the knowledge about hosting a summit!

  • Virtual Summit Resources ($1,997 Value)

  • Ongoing Email Support ($997 Value)
    For ongoing assistance & support during your summit creation.

  • We set up pages & funnels

    ● Your sales funnel

  • We do Speaker Management

    ● Tell us who - we get them into the system!

    ● We send out agreements, get their time slot booked

    ● Prerecorded? We ensure we get videos from your speakers

    ● Spell check, grammar check of all entries

    ● Checking links, gifts, VIP gifts

    ● Sending out leaderboard emails for speakers and promoters

    ● We handle speaker's questions and ensure they have the information they need

Full peace of mind knowing it's going to be done correct. You'll have someone to help guide you in the process. We'll help you with the major heavy lifting building out the summit inside of EventRaptor. Plus all the tools & resources to build it out correctly.

TOTAL VALUE: $15,000 - for just $2,497

Need to meet to discuss?

Not included, Optional extras - connect with us to discuss

  • Video Editing

  • Copywriting

  • Project Management

  • Interviews/Speaker Recruitment

  • CRMRaptor Software Set Up (outside of pages & offers)

    You will need to set up your CRMRaptor account and manage speakers, presentations, schedule, sponsors, etc.

  • Support for Attendees

This Done WITH You service provides special assistance to aid you in your summit creation. You will still be required to provide some of the essential pieces, and management of your summit, partners and attendees. We will assist you with strategy & building the summit funnel, however we will NOT do anything outside of the list mentioned at the top of the page unless you go for optional extras.

Choose what's best for you!

Foundation Plan - Full Payment


One-time Full Payment,
Includes use of systems for 1 summit


Foundation Plan -


4 Payments, $749 Monthly,
Includes use of systems for 1 summit

Platinum Plan -
Full Payment


One-time Full Payment,
includes use of systems for 1 summit

You can start the process whenever is best for you.

So if you want to wait several months to get started, that is fine. If you want to jump in right now, that’s cool too.

It doesn’t expire.

Once you secure the service, you can use it when you are ready. We’ll walk you through the process to ensure you know exactly what you need to do, what we will be doing, and a good pace/timeline that works for you.

We do it on your time.

Meaning, when you hit certain milestones, we’ll jump in and help. If you get busy and need to pause/slow down for a period, our team will adapt. If you get stuck, we’ll help you get unstuck!

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